Rent a Ferrari 458 Spider – An Open Air Experience of Elegance and Speed

Six degrees, the road wet and visibility limited – could this be the right weather for a ride in an Italian super sports car? With a Ferrari 458 hire, you will see that the open version of this dream of a car is just as suitable for any weather condition as the regular model with a closed bonnet.
A Ferrari 458 rental gives you the unique opportunity to command the Maranello racer through the streets of Europe. And the coupe version even allows for adjusting the soundscape to the individual settings of your surrounding.

This is due to the small, glass rear window, which is arranged perpendicular to the engine of the Ferrari 458 Spider. On the push of a button, the window sinks down and lifts the imaginary curtain to a sound performance that could hardly be more fascinating. Rent a Ferrari 458 Coupe and experience how the engine blasts like a heavy metal concert from the front row: loud, live and without filters the Spider roars his dirty song of the lust for power.

With 419 kW or 570 hp and up to 540 NM, the Ferrari 458 Coupe makes it in 3.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. With a Ferrari 458 hire, you will experience that you already have an easy 200 km/h on the clock while still on the acceleration lane on the highway. And while the other drivers are tediously trying to thread their way into the fluent traffic, the tachometer rockets in the high peaks, the dual-clutch changes gears with lightning speed and you will be chasing the horizon in the Ferrari 458 Spider with more than 300 km/h as if there is no tomorrow.


Tech specs

Gas Mileage
: Avg: 8.3 mpg
: 4,499 cc V8
EPA Class
: 2-Seater
Style Name
: Super car
: 7-Speed dual clutch transmission RWD
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A Ferrari 458 Hire – Conduct your own opera on the highway


But there’s even more to it. A Ferrari 458 rental shows you that the Italian super sports car strikes more pitches than any opera diva – from the deep rumble over the furious roar to shrieks of excitement. Hire Ferrari 458 models in Europe and, just like a conductor with his baton, compose your very own symphony of beauty and speed.

This super sports car is the perfect match for a summer vacation in Italy, when the weather prompts for dropping the case. Or you rent a Ferrari 458 Spider in Austria. Here the Italian racer poses as a  striking antipole to the rather leisure appeal of the alpine republic.

Resorting once again to an operatic figure of speech, the highway is the overture for the Maranello racer. And with a Ferrari 458 rental, the great Italian car opera performs on a road that can not have enough curves. Hire a Ferrari 458 in Germany and experience its technological superiority first hand. Fast like an arrow and sharp as a knife the Ferrari 458 Coupe cuts through the traffic on the Autobahn, biting adamantly in the racing line and allowing for almost instinctive certainty while commanding the 570 horsepowers. In fact, the steering is so direct that you can even hire a Ferrari 458 in Switzerland and challenge the mountain roads as the car feels like it can be moved by a thought rather that with the strength of the arms.


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