Bentley Continental GTC Rental – When the Earl is in a Hurry

A true gentleman doesn’t run. If Sir is in a hurry, he takes the Bentley Continental GTC. And without chauffeur. Because in an open convertible, the best place sure is the front. The open GTC is an imposing, albeit not obtrusive appearance. As riot and swank are alien to him, a Bentley Continental GTC hire will show you that this car is perfect for a little cruise as well as for extended trips.

A Bentley Continental GTC rental is a real treat for each convertible-lover who prefers to have some more horsepower under the hood. Hence the name of the Bentley Continental GTC, in which the GTC stands for Gran Turismo Cabriolet. In short, if you hire a Bentley Continental GTC, you will operate a vehicle that is by no means mediocre and offers pure driving pleasure with the top down. The Bentley Continental GTC  is also a true luxury convertible: An interior made of natural wood veneers and leather, a three-layer fabric roof with a heated rear window and an interior lamp in the headlining are but a few features that you can enjoy whey you hire a Bentley Continental GTC. The 6.0-liter engine with 12 cylinders is the same as in the Bentley GT. Its output corresponds to the force of 635 horses. Rent a Bentley Continental GTC in Europe and enjoy the motorized liaison between sophistication and speed. In a mere 4.4 seconds, the Bentley Continental GTC reaches 100 km per hour, the maximum speed is indicated at somewhere around 320km/h.

Tech specs

Gas Mileage
: Avg: 9.3 mpg
: 5,998 cc W12
EPA Class
: 5-Seater
Style Name
: Executive Sports Car
: 6-Speed automatic AWD
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A Bentley Continental GTC Rental – From Britain with Love


The Bentley Motors Ltd. was founded in January 1919 in London’s Cricklewood by Walter Owen Bentley and his brother. W. O. Bentley was a devoted racer and his passion is still comprehensible in the actual models. Rent a Bentley Continental GTC and revel at the thought that you operate the same car as the Queen. Although she will most likely have a driver, Bentley Motors is still the official partner of the Royal Family. So prospects are high that if you hire a Bentley Continental GTC, the Prince of England might be cruising around Buckingham Palace in the same model at that time.  A Bentley Continental GTC rental means royal fun in all of Europe.


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