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„So, where did I park it?“ This question arises frequently before meeting up again with the Audi R8 V10 Spyder. The sports car, in its currently strongest version, as V10 5.2 FSI is so flat that it simply disappears behind other cars. Rent a Audi R8 and find out for yourself that the sports car measures exactly 124 centimeters from the ground up to the roof. In the portfolio of the German manufacturer, the Audi R8 V10 Spyder is certainly the car that arouses the most interest. Hire a Audi R8 and take those 610+ horsepowers for a ride.

A car like this is not just intended to be a comfortable cruiser. It wants to be driven, fast. Go for a Audi R8 rental, start the engine and hear that the R8 is loud. Really loud. The noise of the V10 is so penetrating that you catch a pleasant shiver down your spine each time you start the ignition. Nevertheless, if you consider to hire a Audi R8, it is worth mentioning that after a few seconds, the R8 gets quieter and usually stays like this for the remainder of the trip.


Tech specs

Gas Mileage
: Avg: 13.7 mpg
: 5,204 cc V10
EPA Class
: 2-Seater
Style Name
: Sports car
: 7-Speed S-Tronic AWD
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An Audi R8 rental combines the feeling of a super sports car with the understatement of German innovation and technology. Is the Audi R8 an everyday athlete or a brutal racing machine? You can find out the answer for yourself with an Audi R8 hire, but rest assured that the German car maker from Ingolstadt managed to achieve both in close perfection. The final judgement remains up to you, so opt for an Audi R8 rental and see what this super sports car has to offer.


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